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I am having a hard time deciding if Maroon Bells or Hanging Lake was more scenic from our recent trip to Colorado. Travel is truly the only thing that makes you richer. I think that photographers are in love with the world and hopefully that is what I can convey in my work.

On this trip I used my Moment Tele Lens, Wide Angle Moment Lens and iPhone 7 Plus. I also used the Slow Shutter App and FilmBorn App for edits. (I am not sponsored!)

Let me know if you have any questions about the editing process. Click here for more “On the Road” Videos.

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I am more than excited, I am elated, to bring you the second video in my On the Road series. In this video we explored Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. If you have not checked out my first video featuring Multnomah Falls in my backyard called Oregon please do!

These videos are a vision I had after one of my friends said, “I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see how you take these photos and where you go.” This planted a seed for what I am currently creating. I want these to be about travel, wanderlust and of course photography with a sprinkling of tips and tech.

I hope you enjoy my first video from a recent trip to Colorado which features the *literally* breath taking views of Pike’s Peak. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe if you want to get a weekly e-mail with my latest post.

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Hello! Go on the road with me and my phone to Multnomah Falls OR and see what I photograph. While a typically tourist filled area, my partner had only seen it as a kid and did not remember everything. We went on a Friday evening after work for the best light.

This is my very first “On the Road” post. I have had a vision for this idea for awhile and I am stoked to finally bring it to life. Go with me on adventures, see my gear, and what I take while there. In the future I plan to incorporate more “How To’s” into these videos. Watch to the end for some before & after transformation of photos.

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