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We ended our trip to Peru with some time in the Amazon. To say it was hot is an understatement. The humidity was around 90% so we stayed a moderate degree of damp while there.

Despite this and the bugs and how everything can kill you- haha! The nature was stunning. The colors were vibrant and the animals were wild and alive.

Our hike to Lake Sandoval was my favorite part of the Amazon as it was filled with wildlife and exotic species.

To get to our Lodge on the Amazon we took an overnight bus from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. A van to the Port and a canoe to the Lodge. Once there our main travel was by canoe or by foot.




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I was able to fly out to Montana and check off one of the parks on my bucket list: Glacier National Park. It was as gorgeous as I imagined and I was able to hike it with my best friend.

We took the scenic route and stopped at all the Montana attractions along the way. The weather was perfect, the scenery was breathtaking. I can say I would happily go back and keep exploring the beauty of this park.

Our Trail:

Day 1:
  • Arrive on Sunday evening to Missoula MT
  • Check into Hotel-
  • Head out to eat at the Tamarack which has a killer Hummus Plate and grab a drink.
  • Get some rest for our road trip in the morning
Day 2:
  • Early morning- go get breakfast
  • Head to Lincoln and go to the Lincoln Sculpture Park.
  • Go to Phillipsburg for Sapphire Mining, the Candy Store, and some late lunch.
  • Next stop- Hamilton and climb a waterfall on the way.
  • Stay the night with my friends parents- enjoy the good food, company and views from the hot tub. Stay up too late for our early morning- who could expect anything else?
Day 3:
  • Go to Glacier National Park and spend the day taking in the glorious nature.
  • Hike Avalanche Trail at the Park
  • Drive the 53 mile “Go To the Sun Road” in the park and stop continuously for the breathtaking views and wildlife.
  • Head back to West Glacier to purchase dinner, charge our phones and buy a T-Shirt.
  • Drive to our Cabin in the middle of no where – 47 minutes into the park. Booked it on Air BnB.
Day 4:
  • Get up and head into Glacier for a hike along Lake McDonald
  • Say Goodbye to Glacier and take photo by the sign
  • Go to the National Bison Range and see Bison- plus views of the Mission Mountains.
  • Drive to The Garden of 1,000 Buddhas
Day 5:
  • Sleep in since checkout is at 12.
  • Tour the University Fine Art building and amazing pottery room – ranked in the top 15 in the nation
  • Head into Missoula for  a look at the city and shops
  • Head to the airport and I say goodbye to my dearest friend to fly home.


Lincoln Sculpture Park

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I have recently had a few questions asking me what gear I use for phone photography. This is all of the general gear I throw in my backpack in various combinations depending on the shoot or occasion.

The entire idea with me starting this blog was to talk about how to photograph and travel in a very minimal way without giving up the quality of the capture. (Plus a few sprinklings of conversations on art of course!)

Each item here is a purposeful choice and added weight for my bag. If I were to throw everything listed here in a bag it weighs not even 10lbs. However, I typically only take part or pieces for local hikes and outings; while traveling it all goes with me.

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Photographing in the rain can be tough. It feels dreary and often uninspiring when all the lighting is an overcast diffused gray. However, I have to get over this and shoot despite the weather.

As you know I am an avid hiker and try to get outside and at least once a week. In my current location and the surrounding areas it rains….ALL the time. I live in the Pacific Northwest, home of green and lush forests, but this means rain for about half the year. The video above was one such day on a hike.

The same can be said for some of our travels. An equally dreary place was Ireland that held a similar climate. We visited in the summer and were able to experience some glimpses of sun, but the constant spitting of rain was common.

Here are some of my top tips for shooting in the rain starting from the gear to what you can look for. Watch the video or read the post! 🙂

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Hello Friends!

This is the last of the Colorado videos! I cannot wait until my next trip to share even more with you. Garden of the Gods is located right outside of Colorado Springs and offers hiking for the beginner to the advanced.

We arrived in the afternoon and had that gorgeous evening lighting that allowed the rock formations to truly shine in that bright orangey red. I love textures and was so inspired by the dessert surfaces here. Reminded me of my summers in Arizona growing up.

Enjoy friends!

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I am more than excited, I am elated, to bring you the second video in my On the Road series. In this video we explored Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. If you have not checked out my first video featuring Multnomah Falls in my backyard called Oregon please do!

These videos are a vision I had after one of my friends said, “I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see how you take these photos and where you go.” This planted a seed for what I am currently creating. I want these to be about travel, wanderlust and of course photography with a sprinkling of tips and tech.

I hope you enjoy my first video from a recent trip to Colorado which features the *literally* breath taking views of Pike’s Peak. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe if you want to get a weekly e-mail with my latest post.

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Hello! Go on the road with me and my phone to Multnomah Falls OR and see what I photograph. While a typically tourist filled area, my partner had only seen it as a kid and did not remember everything. We went on a Friday evening after work for the best light.

This is my very first “On the Road” post. I have had a vision for this idea for awhile and I am stoked to finally bring it to life. Go with me on adventures, see my gear, and what I take while there. In the future I plan to incorporate more “How To’s” into these videos. Watch to the end for some before & after transformation of photos.

Subscribe to the e-mail list so you can see where my photo next adventure takes me. Thank you all.

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