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Hello friends! As you know I am obsessed with the Moment lenses. They will transform your phone photography game. I decided to create a video featuring the Moment Macro Lens. Decide if it is worth it for yourself!

The moment macro lens has a 25mm focal length and diffuser lens hood. Although I do not remove the lens hood often, since you can basically just set the hood on the object and know it will be in focus.

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It is the “Moment” you have all been waiting for! 🙂 I officially upgraded my Moment V1 lenses for the V2 lenses. There is a significant difference between the two Moment lenses. The improved glass allows for rich colors, not as many blown out pixels and less vignetting from blurred edges. We all know vignette should be a choice!

Moment lenses have been my go-to gear since I started turning towards my phone more often for photography. They allow for a sharper and more refined image than what your phone can provide. I especially love the fish eye lens for the fun perspectives that I can capture. In more recent weeks I have been shooting more with the Macro lens which I used to never grab. Here is a post all about only that lens as well.

In the video below I cover the unboxing of the new Moment lenses, how to attach them, differences for the upgrade and the most important: two series of “With & Without” images. One series was taken with the iPhone 7 Plus and Moment Lenses, the second taken with the Google Pixel 2 and Moment Lenses.

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Hello Friends!

This is the last of the Colorado videos! I cannot wait until my next trip to share even more with you. Garden of the Gods is located right outside of Colorado Springs and offers hiking for the beginner to the advanced.

We arrived in the afternoon and had that gorgeous evening lighting that allowed the rock formations to truly shine in that bright orangey red. I love textures and was so inspired by the dessert surfaces here. Reminded me of my summers in Arizona growing up.

Enjoy friends!

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Hello Friends,

As you may recall from my previous post, I ordered the new Moment Tele Lens, but made the mistake of not realizing I needed a new mounting system too…which happens to be their phone case. In case (pun intended ;)) you didn’t guess, I caved and bought it! This video covers the new Moment mounting system.

Below I made a unboxing video for the phone case, along with a How To for converting your old lenses to fit the new system. If you are curious about the lenses, I think they are phenomenal and I am NOT SPONSORED. However, I have yet to formulate a full opinion on the case yet…I will get back to you all on this.


Addendum: They are no longer selling the Moment Lens adapters and were only a transitional product. You can find some online from individuals who still have them. Although I recommend switching over your whole set if possible. They even have a trade in program.

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As some of you may know I use Moment lens on a regular basis. I bought three of their lenses when I bought my iPhone 7 Plus and they have transformed my photography. Moment has a new series of lenses out which are called V2 and are said to be new and improved.

The images below were taken with the original Moment Superfish lens.

I wanted to try the new lenses out, so I purchased the only one I did not own- the Tele. However, I made a more hasty purchase and did not even think about the fact that the new lenses have a new mounting system. The new system is an actual phone case, as opposed to the mounting plate that was attachable to you phone.

Future content will contain a unboxing and review of the new mounting system, transferring my old lenses over with adapters, and of course the photos I take with the new Tele lens. Watch the video below to the end for a snippet of my future plans for content that I did not mention above!

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