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As some of you know I live for travel. It is my constant dream to discover new places and people. Eat good food and explore cultures. It is when I feel the most alive and inspired to photograph. Discovery can happen right in your won backyard  so consider traveling locally.

Of course the two big things that stop most people from travel are time and money. While I am fortunate to make it out of the country every summer, I do have to watch my budget otherwise to make this happen. In order to feed my wanderlust and continue to take some of the best photographs I travel locally. (For Travel Hacking Tips and how to do it head over to my other blog and read this) 

Local Travel

The perks are endless. You will not have to spend as much and can make it out and back in a weekend giving you plenty of time to keep hustlin’.  Everything from the day trip to your touristy spots or the weekend getaway I promise there is something for your yet to discover in your own area.

I find that when I set the intention to “travel” even when in my own local area, I am also setting the intention to photograph in a new a different way.  Photographing the familiar and photographing the new are approached very differently. One asks you to get out of your own way and remove pre-conceptions.

Here are a few ideas to get you started and traveling locally.

Buy a Train Ticket or Hit the Open Road

It is seriously so fun to take the train, plus no stress for having to drive. I recently took the train to Seattle and it was actually relaxing. See if you can’t plan a getaway by train. Bonus: the sweet views out the window will be fun to capture.

If you can’t take a train, consider a road trip. Go with your partner or friends so you can take turns driving and stop at every viewpoint possible! 🙂

Go Camping

Who doesn’t love camping or at least a good smore.  We love camping and backpacking, plus you can bring the pups if you have them. Do not be afraid, getting dirty is good for you. (Yes! You can camp on the beach too!)

Get Outside and Hike

One of my most common past times. I LOVE to disconnect from all the “extra” in life and reconnect with nature by making photographs along the way of course.

You can see all of my hiking images and the latest trails I am on by following my Instagram. I also made a #GetOutside video in support of a movement that encourages others to avoid the insanity of consumerism and Black Friday shopping

Visit the Ocean or a Body of Water

We live a short 3 hours drive from the Pacific Ocean, so find our way here several times a year to splash around. Although most often it is to watch a storm and aget hunt.

I am pretty sure I am part mermaid, so I try to find my way to the waters edge as often as possible. 🙂 It does not have to be the ocean, any body of water will do you some good. Put your toes in, go fishing, play by the banks and feed your inner child.

Find a New City within a 3 hour Drive to Visit

We live less that 20 minutes from Portland Oregon, so this city is fun to go to for the night out, but I love our sister city Seattle for the more “travel” type vibe. It is strangely familiar, yet new. For more of my recent Seattle photos go here.

Drop a pin and find a city. That is all that you have to do. Once you get there start exploring and stop at your local pub to connect with the real locals.

Portland Japanese Garden

Be the Tourist

Look up the top 10 things to see and do in your town or city. Start checking them off your list. Only then can you truly call yourself a local expert. 🙂

Make a Reservation at the New Restaurant

New food. Yummmm. What could be better! Find a new restaurant or new to you and make it a night. Don’t forget to take photos of that spread too.

Get your Friends Involved

Travel is so memorable because of the people you are with and the ones you meet. Get your friends in on it too.


So if that wanderlust bites you- feed it and be inspired. Continue to look and be curious about your own surroundings.  Travel locally and then travel like a local when you can get out of the country. I encourage both and have adopted them into my life.

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