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Phone Photography Pro is a resource run by me, Bethany McCamish, to teach you all things Photography applied to your smartphone. If photography and mastering the camera you always carry interest you, you are in the right place. On Phone Photography Pro you will find inspiration, travel tips, photo projects, tech reviews, photo history, and any other tidbits essential to the art form- because photography is art.

Who am I and how do I know about this stuff?

Credentials: BFA concentration in Photography & MAT concentration in English and Art

 I am an educator, artist and most importantly a photographer. I began taking photographs as a child; begging my Grandmother for a windup camera anytime I had the chance. I was 11 years old when I realized I could “make” a photograph. My sister was running along the beach; I snapped a photo. Later on, I saw her silhouetted against a stark white, completely blown out sky and the water droplets from the wave splashed violently at her ankles. I looked at that and what I had actually seen and “making” an image planted a seed that only grew.

Pinhole Photography

Once I entered college I was taking every photography class possible, and eventually made it my concentration in my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I studied everything from the traditional darkroom, digital photography, and alternative processes like the cyanotype.

These techniques carried on into future jobs such as a curatorial assistant, exhibition manager assistant, and some work at a publishing house. Additionally, I delved into Photography first as an art form rather than a publication or way to earn money.

My focus was always on both the intention and process which yielded several bodies of work that I continue to build today.  I ran a small photography business for several years, however, this did not feed my passion and therefore I only keep a small online presence for friends and family.

Since completing my Masters in Teaching I was a full-time educator for 5 years. I was lucky enough to have space and support to teach both traditional darkroom photography and digital photography. I also taught graphic design and English.  Now I own my own design business where I offer branding packages over at Bethany Works. ®



So what’s the deal…why are you doing this blog??

I want to change perceptions about two biases:

  1. Phoneography is frowned upon and not “quality” or “real” photography/art
  2. You have to carry the most expensive gear to make great work

In many of the circles I interact- from my colleagues to fellow artists- phone photography is often snubbed. While there are a few (very few) technical limitations, for most needs, the current Phones can produce work that is incredible. As they say, the best camera is the one that is with you.

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see if what we are.

– Ernst Haas

I moved towards phone photography for the practical as well as philosophical. I LOVE to travel, hike and explore. I found that hauling a huge DSLR or my Film (good luck with TSA) around was both a hassle and cumbersome.

I Travel Light

I used to tell myself “It is sooo worth it!”  to have this bruise on my shoulder from 10 days of keeping my bulky lens and DSLR glued to my body while walking all over Italy. And it was, don’t get me wrong. Prior to the iPhone and the Smartphone era, this was ALL worth it.

For certain events and depending on how I feel, I have in no way retired my Nikon or my Trusty Minolta. However, the newer models of phones have comparable  attributes of a DSLR and therefore my iPhone 11 Plus in addition to some other tech gadgets have become my adventuring companions.

The photo gear I take no longer kills my neck or stops me in the security line. The quality was still worth it- in fact I recently went to Ireland had a few of my photographs published by the travel company as advertising. As a minimalist and someone who packs one bag for travel- phone photography became necessary.


You will also notice I believe in:


Caring for your #Environment

#Traveling Consciously- Don’t be the Rude Tourist

Eating Good #Food

Loving #Animals and my Fur Babies

Dance, Yoga and #Hiking for Life

#BeingKind and a Life Long #Learner

Looking at #GoodWork to Make Good Work

I am part mermaid too!



I Exist to Share and Help you Learn (with me)

I do not assume to know everything.  In the world of technology, this would be far from enticing if I were to read a blog that knows everything about everything- we are all keeping up with the trends and what is changing. I do know I have years of experience and am always practicing the art form- I will stay humble and keep you all updated.

I am not here to make money. Share good work, look at good work, make good work. I occasionally will put in an affiliate link if it is a product I actually recommend. In the future, I would be thrilled if I could provide a comprehensive course, photo book or the like that brought both authenticity and VALUE to you- my readers. But this is something I will let you decide.

Don’t worry- there is something for every level

Just starting out? Here is how to Control your Camera (the basics) 

Looking for a Photo Project to hone your skills? Try these 5 New Angles or 8 Composition Tips

Want to get all the Gear I Use? See What is in my Backpack here.

Techie? Review of the New Moment Lenses or A Close Up with Moment Macro might be for you.

Get ready to master the camera you always carry.



SHARE and Stay in Touch

I LOVE to hear from you guys. Use the hashtags when I link them. Tag me on Instagram @bethanymccamish with what you are doing and learning.

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