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I have recently had a few questions asking me what gear I use for phone photography. This is all of the general gear I throw in my backpack in various combinations depending on the shoot or occasion.

The entire idea with me starting this blog was to talk about how to photograph and travel in a very minimal way without giving up the quality of the capture. (Plus a few sprinklings of conversations on art of course!)

Each item here is a purposeful choice and added weight for my bag. If I were to throw everything listed here in a bag it weighs not even 10lbs. However, I typically only take part or pieces for local hikes and outings; while traveling it all goes with me.

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It is the “Moment” you have all been waiting for! 🙂 I officially upgraded my Moment V1 lenses for the V2 lenses. There is a significant difference between the two Moment lenses. The improved glass allows for rich colors, not as many blown out pixels and less vignetting from blurred edges. We all know vignette should be a choice!

Moment lenses have been my go-to gear since I started turning towards my phone more often for photography. They allow for a sharper and more refined image than what your phone can provide. I especially love the fish eye lens for the fun perspectives that I can capture. In more recent weeks I have been shooting more with the Macro lens which I used to never grab. Here is a post all about only that lens as well.

In the video below I cover the unboxing of the new Moment lenses, how to attach them, differences for the upgrade and the most important: two series of “With & Without” images. One series was taken with the iPhone 7 Plus and Moment Lenses, the second taken with the Google Pixel 2 and Moment Lenses.

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An Early Start to the Pinhole

A Pinhole camera is any light tight container with an aperture (hole) and a shutter (something to cover the hole.

Interest in perspective and optics during the Renaissance is what led to the first necessary discovery for the pinhole camera: the camera obscura. Leonardo De Vinci described the camera obscura very clearly as early as the 16th century. (Alternative Processes)

A camera obscura is a dark chamber, container or room with a singular entry point of light. Once your eyes have adjusted, the outside will appear on the wall upside down. You can see how this would  be useful for artists to trace and have an accurate perspective.

Create a camera obscura right now out of your own room!

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The ultimate gift guide for ANY photographer. From the darkroom traditionalist to the millennial phoneographer these are my top picks for the photographer in your life…even if that is yourself.

All Amazon linked gifts are affiliate links. This means if you purchase with that link, a small percentage will go back to me. That said, I always clearly state what products I have or use!

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Hello Fellow Photographers! Some of you have heard me talk about the Filmborn App in the past. It is my go to photo editing app for my iPhone. You can use the app to actually shoot photographs as well. It was originally designed to teach you how to use film and has the manual feature of a film camera right on your phone. There is also some Pacific Northwest pride tied up in this since they were created right out of Seattle in my home state Washington.

This app has what we my call “filters” which mimic a film quality. I am such a huge fan because I still shoot on film and am in love with the quality and tonal range that film can hold, especially when it comes to black and white. Filmborn makes this accessible on your phone with your digital photographs.

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While staying inspired has been challenging for me recently, I can say that the easiest subject to photograph is my home. The people and things in this space used to receive my neglect instead of attention. However, now with my new minimalism effort taking effect, I have started to notice and engage with the beauty around the place I inhabit.

I have been on a path of both minimalism and mindfulness in every aspect of my life. Setting intentions and turning a reflective eye on myself, my surroundings and those who I feel closest too has also changed the way I look at things. In turn this has changed the subjects in my photographs.

Going out to find the perfect photograph will always be a part of my nature. After all, I loved making my “On the Road” video and plan for many more. But in this post I would like to encourage you to take some more time in examining the space you exist in on a daily basis.

Where Does the Light Come From?


Objects that Mean Something…

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Hello Friends,

As you may recall from my previous post, I ordered the new Moment Tele Lens, but made the mistake of not realizing I needed a new mounting system too…which happens to be their phone case. In case (pun intended ;)) you didn’t guess, I caved and bought it! This video covers the new Moment mounting system.

Below I made a unboxing video for the phone case, along with a How To for converting your old lenses to fit the new system. If you are curious about the lenses, I think they are phenomenal and I am NOT SPONSORED. However, I have yet to formulate a full opinion on the case yet…I will get back to you all on this.


Addendum: They are no longer selling the Moment Lens adapters and were only a transitional product. You can find some online from individuals who still have them. Although I recommend switching over your whole set if possible. They even have a trade in program.

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As some of you may know I use Moment lens on a regular basis. I bought three of their lenses when I bought my iPhone 7 Plus and they have transformed my photography. Moment has a new series of lenses out which are called V2 and are said to be new and improved.

The images below were taken with the original Moment Superfish lens.

I wanted to try the new lenses out, so I purchased the only one I did not own- the Tele. However, I made a more hasty purchase and did not even think about the fact that the new lenses have a new mounting system. The new system is an actual phone case, as opposed to the mounting plate that was attachable to you phone.

Future content will contain a unboxing and review of the new mounting system, transferring my old lenses over with adapters, and of course the photos I take with the new Tele lens. Watch the video below to the end for a snippet of my future plans for content that I did not mention above!

Thank you all! Don’t forget to subscribe to my e-mail list.

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The best phone case for the generally clumsy, the overly cautious and of course those who photograph with their phone.

I get lots of questions from my friends about the case that I use on my phone. I thought I would do a review of it for my very first video. It was pretty nerve racking putting my face on YouTube since I like to stay behind the camera, so thank you to all who supported me!

I have been using a Speck Presidio Grip phone case for about a year now and truly LOVE it.

Here are the affiliate links if you think this is the right case for you:

iPhone X

iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy

Google Pixel

Lastly, I will be trying out the new Moment phone case soon since it is their new mounting system. You will see a video for unboxing and later a review for this.

See you all next time !

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